About D&P

A little background behind the experienced and successful family owned D&P Auto Sales.

About D&P Auto Sales

D&P Auto Sales originated in 1979 as a family business founded by father and son, Dominick and Phil Assabi. Dominick spent 35 years in sales and management at Ford and Chevrolet new car facilities. There he obtained his experience in running a successful car business and satisfying customers. Phil’s education and background is mechanical. He gained the knowledge of sales and management from his father. Phil Assabi is now the owner and operator of D&P Auto and his sons are currently learning all aspects of continuing this FAMILY OWNED successful operation. Their hope is to meet and exceed customer expectations for years to come!

Our CARS ARE ALL HAND-PICKED by Phil. His 36 years experience as a technician, insure you are buying a reliable model. Phil’s background as a car enthusiast and involvement in restoring and collecting show cars gives him a keen eye to find the best quality available. Many customers walk in the showroom and constantly mistake our cars for new cars! Come on down and see for yourself! When you buy here, you purchase the vehicle directly from the owner, not a commissioned salesperson, eliminating a hidden agenda! As the owner, Phil understands that good business is making the customer COMPLETELY SATISFIED and 100% comfortable. D&P Auto is a business that’s built on reputation and recommendations!!

People ask, what are the key ingredients to a successful used car business? Phil’s answer is always the same. That’s easy!

  • First, knowing what not to sell.

There are many models out there that are problematic and troublesome and this is why it is very important to have strong mechanical knowledge. Most car dealers are just businesspeople; they sell a car because the book says it should make money; yet, they have no clue whether or not that model is reliably built. OUR INVENTORY IS STOCKED WITH VEHICLES THAT ARE RELIABLY BUILT AND IN THE BEST POSSIBLE CONDITION WE CAN FIND. We Are Car People!

  • Second, be straight and upfront with the customer.

THE PRICE YOU ARE QUOTED IS WHAT YOU PAY! You won’t get an advertised low-ball price to get you in the door, and then a list of bogus fees added to the buyer’s order, nor will after-sell department salespeople pursue you for more money. Instead, we quote the customer a price that includes everything; full service vehicle prep and warranty.

  • Third is to put our money where our mouth is.



By selecting D&P Auto, you are purchasing a vehicle with a strong record of reliability in the best possible condition you can find. Furthermore, this vehicle will be serviced like new and warranted by us, so you're not dealing with a third party warranty contract.

So why spend your money on a new car when you’re getting the quality without paying the price?

Once you purchase a car from D&P, you will always come back! After all, OUR BUSINESS CONSISTS OF 90% REPEAT CUSTOMERS AND REFERRALS!! D&P has put over 18,000 cars on the road in the 35 years of business, with no advertising!

Here is the link for the better business bureau www.bbb.org. We encourage you to check out this site. There you will find out about our unblemished, impeccable reputation!

A call to the New York State Motor Vehicle Bureau will yield the same results!

Simply stated, you buy a car at D&P Auto with optimal confidence!

Check out the virtual tour of our newly built 21 car show room and 10 car state of the art service department, complete with wheel alignments. Better yet, come in a see for yourself. You will be amazed at the quality and selection.

Our exclusive delivery policy includes:

  • Four brand new tires
  • Complete brake job
  • Engine tune-up
  • Transmission service
  • Coolant system service
  • Steering system service
  • Four wheel alignment
  • New wiper blades
  • And, Oil change!

This ensures that in addition to warranting our products, we are providing a fully serviced vehicle that you can drive miles and miles before needing any major scheduled maintenance.